I’d like the red one, please.

When I started my master’s in Paris I already knew that I would be jetting off to Shanghai for the second year. I convinced myself that since the degree was in two parts, I should spend the entire first year focusing on the European part of the course. I therefore decided to polish my French … Continue reading I’d like the red one, please.


One stage at a time

I wrote about culture shock when I arrived in Japan. I must admit that though I felt that it was subsiding at the time when I wrote about it, it lasted for a long time after. Feeling confused and sometimes frustrated was exhausting and I often wanted to hide in my apartment until those feelings … Continue reading One stage at a time

Finding a balance

WordPress kindly informed me on Saturday that I created my account three years ago. I feel like we've been through quite a journey, my blog and I. Thank you, my lovely readers (shout out to Aunty Lorrie for all the encouraging comments) for checking out what I'm up to, it's great knowing that I can … Continue reading Finding a balance