These days I find I forget to live in the moment. Since October I have been interning in a market research company in London. I enjoy the work most days, but an internship is by definition short-term and a preparation for the next step, meaning that I’m constantly thinking about the future.

Returning to the 9-5 world of work after two years back at university, I usually come home tired and collapse on the sofa with a book or my laptop, often looking for job postings. It’s hard to live in the moment when all things point to the future, but it’s something I really miss. Even through most of my master’s, I was so focused on the end goal of graduating that time flew by.

There were times during the two years of my master’s in Paris and Shanghai that I took time to just enjoy the moment. I used to go out for walks to explore the city, make a point of trying new food, sit down with a good book… Recently I find myself getting nostalgic for those moments. I didn’t expect to miss the backstreets where I liked to stroll around in Paris, or the little dumpling shops in Shanghai where I could sit down, get a big bowl of wontons for 80p, and take in the hustle and bustle around me, but they are often what I daydream about now.

London is overwhelmingly large and the cafés and restaurants not so affordable, so I’m starting to realise that I need a new hobby (I kind of have one – I’ve started to enjoy cooking again, especially Japanese dishes) to distract me from constantly planning the future and just start appreciating life outside of work. Basically, I need to stop feeling like this is temporary. The next few years of my life will probably be ‘temporary’, and what a shame it would be to wish away the last years of my twenties.


One thought on “Living

  1. It’s lovely that you have experienced so much in your life and you have superb memories and hope one day soon you can return to Asia
    It’s hard having to be in internship but it’s a good start and a stepping stone towards your future goals 💕💕💕

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